You can bring smiles to those who need them most!

The Gloucester Township Field of Dreams will be a very special place for very special individuals. A place where the grass is always greener, where the sun always shines brighter, and where problems dissolve away into a clear blue sky full of hope and dreams …

The Field of Dreams will provide children and adults with disabilities the opportunity to play and participate in the great American pastime, baseball. The Township of Gloucester has donated park space at the Gloucester Township Community Park for the Field of Dreams. With the generous support of the community, businesses, and organizations, we will work hard to create an environment where any child or adult, regardless of their physical abilities can play ball.

We believe dreams can come true, even in these challenging economic times. “The Field of Dreams” will allow children and adults with physical and mental disabilities to steal a base, hit a home run, score a double-play and with your generous support, hit a grand slam!

We have a long list of needs and you can help, just like members of The Gloucester Township Rotary, and Kiwanis Club as well as many other civic organizations, who have stepped up for this special project built on hopes, dreams and your support!